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Who we are

Atkins Archers was founded at a meeting held on Thursday, 13th October 1966

its purpose being "to encourage the art and practice of archery"

Atkins is a Target Archery club, shooting throughout the year, primarily at our outdoor range in Epsom, Surrey.

We are an open club with a current membership of 50 or so archers, of varying age and standard. Recurve bows dominate at present, although Compound & Longbow archers also shoot.

During the summer months (April-September), evening shooting takes place on Thursdays with shooting on most Sundays throughout the year.


Club President Nick Walker


Where we shoot

The shooting Line at Atkins

Outdoor shooting takes place in the grounds of St Martins School, on Ashley Road, Epsom, Surrey.

Indoor shooting takes place at The Gally Hill Shooting Club, Opposite Banstead Station, Banstead, Surrey.

To find us, follow the link below

Go to St Martins School
Street Map


Beginners courses

We have beginners courses running during the Summer months. The first of which starts in May, subsequent courses run thoughout the summer, until September.

Our Summer courses run for 6 weeks and consist of weekly lessons lasting approximately 1½ hours each.

The price for the full course of 6, once weekly, 1½ hour lessons, includes the use of all basic equipment needed to get you started in this great sport. All ages are welcome, from junior to senior citizen.

If you are interested, please Email us for prices and further details.


Far too cold for sensible people to be shooting
That'll be Atkins Archers then!


Club fees

Atkins Archers at
The Grand Western Archery Week 1999
Dunster Castle, Somerset, England

Please use the email link to contact us for details of our annual membership fees, including affiliations (see breakdown below) and how to join the club

Atkins Archers membership fees are broken down as follows:

The Club membership fee
Senior members (Over 18 years of age)
Rates differ for Staff and non-staff
Junior members
Rates differ for children of staff and non-staff

In addition, affiliation fees are paid to the following bodies:
Archery GB (Grand National Archery Society)
Southern Counties Archery Society
County of Surrey Archery Society

A breakdown of annual fees can be obtained from the club on request.


Club trophies

As with all archery clubs, Atkins Archers have built up a collection of club trophies that our archers enjoy shooting for over the course of the year.

These range from achievement awards, for improvement over the season, to club championship trophies and awards for high scores.

One of the oldest trophies we award, is the 'Llantrisant trophy' which is awarded to the archer, shooting the highest authenticated score in the 'York' round for men or the 'Hereford' round for ladies. Follow the link above to find out more about its Welsh origins.


Indoor target at Atkins
Close, but no cigar


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