Llantrisant Trophy

This was the first club trophy, presented to Atkins Archers in August 1967 by its first President
Mr. Arthur Hooker who was at the time the director of WS Atkins and based in Cardiff.

The trophy was specially designed and made by Cardiff craftsman, Frank Roper and it was
Mr. Hooker’s wish that the Trophy be known as the Llantrisant Trophy as he had been a keen archer himself at one time and was also a Freeman of Llantrisant a small town in South Wales where the Royal Mint is now located.

It was in Llantrisant that the Black prince raised an army of archers, circa 1355, from among the local hereditary burgesses and inhabitants. These went to France with him as part of the Archery Corps of the Royal army. Those who went become known as the Black Army of Llantrisant and even today their linear descendants, wherever they may be, can apply to be enrolled as Freemen of Llantrisant.

If their claim is justified they will be admitted to a company that embodies a true and living memorial to the Longbow men of the 14th and 15th centuries. There is still an Archery club in Llantrisant, The Black Bowmen, who meet once a year.

Robert Hardy’s book "Longbow" quotes one such successful claim made in recent years.

No one is sure whether it was by such a claim that Mr. Hooker became a Freeman of Llantrisant!

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